Collect feedback from your visitors is more than ever a winning strategy for all professionals who cares about quality of services.

satisfaction survey kiosk


Gain loyalty

By questionning yout visitors and customers, you grant them the right to express themselves. The customer feels concerned, listened, which leads to loyalty.


Identify the weaknesses of your services, hotpoints generating insatisfaction and against which you can be easily effective before you loose your customers.


Through this solution, you are able to communicate your results to prove you services quality, to your partners as well as to your visitors.



Fully graphical and stylised survey for your visitors’ pleasure


  • Creation of several questions without any skill
  • Managing of multiple surveys by automatized calendar
  • Great fastness in the response input


  • Works offline (with automatic synchronisation as soon as it comes online back)
  • Filtering of results bu profiles
  • Language selection on the go

The data collection on-the-spot allowed by the satisfaction survey kiosks is a prevalent strategy as it encourages satisfied visitors to express themselves, what they will seldom do within a postponed survey where visitos are asked to give a feedback. Unsatisfied visitors will be a ot more eager to express than satisfied ones.
EXPRESSYON give you the ability to collect the feeling of your visitors with a single touch, multi choice questions or mere suggestion input. This is the leader solution to measure your clients satisfaction, set up field survey, or check how your visitors enjoyed your event.

Some of our clients

Results easy to interpret

Graphic summaries

Results are all rendered through graphical charts to be compared or studied with a simple glance. Exports allow you to go into results in depth, and email reports allow you to collect result without any effort.


Get the data in realtime to react immediately. And reversely, change your surveys remotely in realtime according to events.

Filter by profile

Check the results per profiles by filtering easily the answers according to other results. Thus you can create views per profile, per time, per interest.

Intuitive interface

The admin interface is available as a webpage, which means from any hardware and allows you to :

  • Create surveys and questions
  • Plan surveys broadcasting
  • Customize icons for your questions
  • Check online results
    (and in realtime if tablets are online)
  • Filter results, cross datas
  • Create PDF and XLS exports, receive them by email

Data gathering

Gathering of data can be done without any online connection :

  • In case the table is offline, it stores the result in queue. All will be sent as soon as an online connection is restored.
  • Otherwise, if the tablet is online, it sends immediately the answers to the server. Results are then in realtime.

Results are processed and analyzed in realtime on our servers. You can check the results on your web interface, or receive automatic email reports.
You can also create guest accounts who will be able to view the results without having full access to survey administration.

Satisfaction Survey Kiosks

The proposed kiosks are made of a metallic stand and an Android tablet.
These exist as profesionnel model in 10″, 13″, 15″ ou 21″ size, in order to make your kiosks more attractive, or as secured public tablets in 10″ on customisable stand.

survey satisfaction kiosk FOLD 10''
  • FOLD kiosks

    Theses kioks with nice design carry a 10″ tablet of great reactivity. The stand can be customised to your brand.
satisfaction kiosk mono 10", 13" and 15"
  • MONO kiosks

    Theses kiosks are made of a stand and a professional tablet 24/7 dedicated to an intensive usage. They are proposed in 10″, 13″, 15″, 21″ size.
Boitier de satisfaction sur comptoir ou mural
  • LOCKSY counter-kiosk

    The Locsky casing is intended for counter, promoting the survey where the customer is, and just when he leaves : satisfied or not ?

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